Request for Proposal - Branding Project

St Giles Hotels Group seeks an innovative branding and design agency to partner with its London based brand office to rebrand two of the group’s sub brands – St Giles Blue- Three Star and St Giles Red – Four Star and create new brand identity, philosophy, communication and defining strategy that will elevate the hotels’ to first-choice for travellers.


St Giles Hotels Group is a growing collection of centrally and strategically located properties across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Each property welcomes guests to a warm and friendly atmosphere, creating a sense of family, and enhances city experiences with central location, great value, and inspired service. No two St Giles properties are alike, each offers something intriguing and unique. It might be a storied history, an unusual architectural feature, or an unexpected view; whatever it is, St Giles Hotels celebrate what makes a hotel distinct, while delivering the signature St Giles Experience of warm, authentic and locally rooted hospitality across its portfolio.


St Giles Hotels recognizes that every guest has individual needs and style, which is why the group invites guests to Stay Your Way by offering three levels of accommodations and service experiences: St Giles Blue – Three Star, St Giles Red- Four Star and St Giles Signature – Four+ Star.

REBRANDING OBJECTIVES (for the two sub-brands identified in the RFP)

The chosen agency will deliver the following:

  • Phase 1:
      • Full immersive audit of existing St Giles Hotels Group brand and three sub-brands
      • Team with St Giles Hotels brand office to identify all brands’ differentiators/USPs and comp set  
      • Conduct a market and competitive analysis for each brand’s target and positioning
  • Phase 2:
      • Create/upgrade brand visual identity (new brand name, logo, typography, colour palette)
      • Develop brand positioning statement, tagline, key messages, personality, tone/voice
  • Phase 3:
    • Design hotel collateral and signage to reflect new brand’s tone and style
    • Create brand visuals and design style guide/standard
    • Design guest journey standard of services guideline
    • Design Brand Architecture Diagram identifying the position of each sub-brands and how they relate to the parent brand – St Giles Hotels


Request For Proposal Published February 4, 2019
RFP Questions to St Giles Hotels Deadline February 11, 2019
St Giles Hotels Response to Questions February 15, 2019
Deadline to submit proposal March 1, 2019 by 5pm GMT
Finalists notified by March 7, 2019
Finalists Presentation March 14, 15 & 18, 2019
Agency selection by March 22, 2019

By submitting a proposal, the applicant agrees that St Giles Hotels decision concerning any submittal in any respect is final, binding and conclusive upon it for all purposes, and acknowledges that St Giles Hotels, may waive or deviate from the procedures and/or timeline outlined. All materials submitted become the property of St Giles Hotels. All costs incurred in connection with responding to this Request for Proposal will be borne by the submitting agency. This Request for Proposal in no way commits St Giles Hotels to award a contract. St Giles Hotels will not give a statement of the reason why any proposal or presentation was not selected.



Written proposal to be submitted to: by 5pm GMT on March 1, 2019. Hard copies of proposal can be mailed to:

St Giles Hotels


12 Bedford Avenue, 10th Floor

London, WC1B 3GH


Following receipt of written proposals, St Giles Hotels will select finalists who will be notified and asked to present in person at St Giles Hotels brand headquarters at Bedford Avenue, London, WC1B 3GH. Final selection of the agency will be based on a combination of both written and in-person proposals.



The recipients hereto agree that this Request for Proposal, its concept, and all matters relating to St Giles Hotels and its marketing plans are strictly confidential. This information is not to be discussed with any parties not directly involved in this process.

Please refer to the following document for further details: Notice of REBRANDING RFP  (PDF: 188KB)