Hey Culture Lovers

Hey Culture Lovers - here are some inspirations for your next cultural holiday, so much closer to home!

Musical Museum (less than 20 minutes drive from St Giles Heathrow hotel) and move to the many musical notes of one of the most incredible collections of working musical instruments. Not surprising about the musical energy when Feltham produced one of the amazing talents in Freddy Mercury

For the Car enthusiast - London Motor Museum is a unique museum dedicated to cars. So whether you are a fan of famous cars featured in movies or old American Cadillac, you won’t be disappointed.

Take a Fullers Brewery tour (21 minutes drive away from the hotel) and get to understand the Ale-making process. If you are driving, bring back samples of the beers and enjoy at the hotel.

Head to Bell Square on Hounslow High Street (13 minutes drive away from the hotel) for some free live performances every Saturday afternoon

Visit the home of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace and discover life at the palace and the world of the Tudor Court. Currently, open 7-days a week until the 06th of September.

Helpful Tip: Check the attraction’s website you are planning to visit to check if a reservation in advance is required. Wear a mask for your safety as well as the safety of others.