Hotels with Heart

Hotels with Heart is the official philanthropic initiative of St Giles Hotel Group, which focuses on the empowerment and education of vulnerable and troubled youth. Born out of the desire to breathe a deeper meaning into the purpose and raison d’etre of the St Giles Hotels Group, Hotels with Heart is committed to improving the communities within which St Giles’ Hotel Group operates. Hotels with Heart  is more than part of our corporate social responsibility; it is a tenet of our organization that is fundamental to the brand and ecosystem of our hotels.

The mission of the Hotels with Heart is two-fold: to help and support the communities that envelop our hotels; and to give opportunities to those less-privileged young adults who harbour a passion for hospitality but may not have had the exposure to it. In short, Hotels with Heart aims to provide support to educational and career training schemes for less-privileged and at-risk youth and young adults.

There are many ways in which Hotels with Heart manifests itself – on both individual and group levels – through community service, event participation, mentorship and fund-raising. We’re only at the beginning of our impact journey, and we invite you to follow along as we continue to grow and give back. #HotelswithHeart

Hotels with Heart Philanthropic Initiative by St Giles Hotels