#CITIZENG - United to be Globally Green

#CITIZENG, St Giles Hotels sustainable program, was launched in 2018 to support our company's mission to be responsible citizens - for our planet, our community, and our guests by making their stay more sustainable. The goal of #CITIZENG is to reduce our company’s negative impact on the environment and for us to become a more sustainable company while continuing to uphold our standards of guest service.

The #CITIZENG values are

Innovation. Creativity. Team work. Consciousness.

The programme also aims to influence and shape our team’s thinking and actions, for sustainability to be fully integrated in all St Giles activities and be incorporated in the decision making process.


Practice Responsible Sourcing of Materials

Recycle, Upcycle, and Renew

Reduction in Food Wastage

Plastic Consumption

Eliminating plastic where possible
Participate in circular sustainability

Energy & Water

Reducing Energy and Water Usage
Generate or purchase renewable energy