The 14 Best Apps for Solo Traveling

Mechel Shelton

Have your phone fully charged and be ready to download these apps that will make solo traveling cheaper, easier and all about you.

We’re always using our phones as part of our everyday lives, and the constant need for connection has unsurprisingly become one of the most helpful mediums for travelers. Whether browsing for a place to stay or things to do in some foreign destination, we want to exude that local knowledge while still being a tourist.  Let’s face it, we can’t very well take our laptops or tablets everywhere we go, so have your phone fully charged and be ready to download these apps that will make solo traveling cheaper, easier and all about you.

Apps for Budgeting

Solo traveling can be expensive as there’s no one to split the cost with. This is when you must consider options that will not only save you a few bucks but benefit you in the long run.

Spendee App

I recommend the following budgeting apps available in the Appstore or Google Play to help you budget for your solo trip.

  • Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance by Intuit Inc.
    • Organizes your spending into categories
    • Links your bank account
  • Wallet: Money, Budget, Finance Tracker, Bank Sync by
  • Spendee: budget and expense tracking & bank sync by SPENDEE s.r.o


Apps For Planning What to Do

Second on your list as a solo traveler, after choosing a destination that is, is finding things to do and places you don’t want to miss. Google Maps is the ideal multi-purpose app in addition to finding your route, it also suggests restaurants and other attractions near you. You can even find various travel routes or local transportation options by simply letting your phone track your location.


Traveling Solo Does Not Mean Traveling Alone

SoloTraveller App

Use apps to connect with other individuals while exploring and enjoying local experiences. I highly recommend the SoloTraveller app to plan sightseeing tours, restaurant meetups and transportation shares. However, if you want to aim for that “travel like a local” experience I suggest Localeur, Party with a Local, Tastemade and Fever (only available in New York City). Other options like Sidekix allows you to see a city based on your interests and Streetography photo mapping app allows you to preview the area via photos of other visitors.


Translator Apps

One of the best ways to experience a place like a local is to speak the language or at the very least, know a few phrases as ice breakers. I recommend the Google Translator app (as well as the internet version)- which offers translation in various options from typing and real time audio to visual by pointing your camera at words. Other translation apps are Microsoft TranslatorTripLingo, and iTranslate.


Apps for Finding Your Way Around

It’s necessary to research and download any public transit apps in your destination. While it is often cheaper, you may not be as comfortable traveling on the metro or taking the bus, which brings us to ride share apps such as Uber and Lyft. Rideshare apps, which can sometimes be cheaper than a taxi, allow you to choose between sharing a ride or going solo, you also have real time estimated cost of your journey with your driver and his credentials at your fingertips.  Another alternative is Rideaways which allows you to enter your trip details giving you reliable priceline-owned transportation worldwide in more than 500 cities.

Last but not least, while we are on the matter of transportation we can’t forget that our feet are a mode of getting around.

Sweatcoin app

You can earn while roaming the streets of Manhattan or London, Sweatcoins is an app that tracks your outdoor steps and rewards you with digital coins to spend on any of its deals – from an amazon gift card to a free iphone. Get paid for being fit!